Factors To Consider While Buying A Load Cell

r4t54y6u7i68765A load cell is a transducer. Transducers are gadgets which convert one form of energy into another. For example, a load cell will transform a force into an electrical signal. To start with, a wire or spring known as the strain gauge is deformed by the special force that’s being transduced. Because this strain will change the gauge’s electrical resistance, the deformation is measurable. Based on the load cell’s intended use, this measurement can be expressed in various forms, most often to calculate the force that’s placed on the transducer in the first place. Different types of cells can work by measuring air pressure, liquid pressure (such as oil), and more for you to give the desired measurements. There are several considerations while buying load cells according to their types.

Types of load cells and factors to consider while buying them


they are made from stainless steel which enables them to withstand harsh environments. They are ideal when you use them in truck scales. There are other people in the gas and oil industry who use them. The fun is that the cells have proved very useful in these industries. The cells are available in different cable lengths, and all you need to do is to choose the length that is right for you.

Single point

They are designed for high accuracy applications where you can use them in retail and industrial environment, board weighing systems, packaging machinery and medical devices.

The cool thing about them is that they are designed and calibrated to ensure that they are insensitive to off-center loads. There are many types of these load cells that you can go with. For example, there are cells that are designed for harsh environments. These are made from stainless steel and are highly sealed. In most cases, they are sealed using the glass or metal sealing technology. There are other cells that are designed for less severe environments. These are made from aluminum and often come with the unique humidity-resistant coating.


They are designed to be used in lifting, weighing, and general measurements. Most of the tension load cells make use of sealing compounds that are very durable.

Planar Beam

According to manufacturers, these are ideal for people who produce equipment with minimal overall height. They are most effective when you use them in retail, medical and other weighing applications.

When you buy them, you will find different loads cells with varying cable lengths. There are others that come with connectors while others don’t have connectors.

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