Secure Your Home Network With Web Content Filtering


With more and more wi-fi gadgets-cell phones, tablets,iPods, gaming devices -it gets to be distinctly harder to filter out web content from your PCs and other gadgets. In any case, rather than installing a separate filtering programmer software on every PC and attempting to figure out the kind of filtering you need for every gadget.You might need to execute a system-wide solution that covers your entire network. Blue Coat offers various web content filtering options. This can give you a suitable filtering option for every network level, which will deal with every gadget, including cell phones that usually do have any filtering capabilities.

General information


jjhjjhddwwssThere are few fundamental approaches for home network system filtering choices. To begin with, most network routers have site filtering features. This is just helpful if you need to permit or block a couple of local sites.It won’t block every single adult site, for instance.


Second, a few routers likewise give a genuine web content filtering solution, which gives you a chance to piece together and block online sites based on their classifications.This gives a great assurance .however it will require you to register and pay a few bucks for the service.This kind of solutions always target home and home office networks.


Third, web content filtering solutions that use DNS do not require any extra programming or equipment on your system.DNS is utilized as part of the foundation of each system to empower web surfing.To filter out web content using DNS you would need to change the server address on your switch or router.The main catch to a DNS arrangement is that techno savvy users(your kids or work colleagues) can sidestep it by setting up an alternative DNS address on the PC.


You can use the inbuilt blocking feature on your router to prevent access to port 53 to all IP addresses with the exceptions of the ones you have listed in your DNS arrangement.In doing so, users are obstructed from using any other DNS server and must only use the one you have configured.Additionally, you can configure your computer for open DNS and update it more often with the IP address if you have a changing IP.

Filtering software

kjjmmbbvxzLast but not least, you can utilize a filtering software.which in some cases give extra services, for example, firewall, against spam and hostile to any computer virus.You can buy and install the equipment in your home systems.Although nothing is foolproof and you will need some supervisory work along with content filtering.

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